Blendac – An electronic platform that is concerned with enriching content in the field of medicine and health, enabling visitors to benefit from the various medical services we offer, the most important of which are medical articles and health-related advice.

Hence the idea to create a medical website to be your comprehensive guide to a better healthy life.

Values and goals

The Blendac electronic platform aims to provide more medical support to the citizen by providing reliable medical information based on foreign, scientific and international research sources.

In addition to providing online medical articles service around the world; We believe in providing basic health services to the world, including access to medical information and advice.

Medical Disclaimer

Health information and tips for Proper Nutrition on are general information and we do not guarantee that they are correct. Do not try anything on Consult your doctor first of all.

The message

Blendac seeks to expand the circle of medical content by including a number of doctors around the world in various specialties to provide reliable medical content and provide medical advice that increases health awareness among patients. This is due to our professional writing skills.

Future vision

Blendac looks forward to enabling this electronic platform to serve patients and take care of citizen health by gaining user trust by providing reliable and scientifically proven scientific content.

The Blendac platform includes a group of doctors, editors, writers, and creative designers, according to the highest professional and ethical standards, to ensure that the quality of the content is maintained and that its services are continuously developed.

Our efforts continue day and night to reach the best user content.

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